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Our Mission

We teach you & train you how to take care of your health & Prana without any medications, pills or tablets.
How to be your own doctor without any expensive superfoods or supplements, or gimmicks or tricks
How to live a Healthy, Hail, Hearty, Happy life for the rest of your life.


About Healthy Prana

We here at Healthy Prana (Life Force, Energy, Breath) believe God & Mother Nature created the world & every living being & non-living thing in it. Everything comes with a perfect assignment, allocation, creation, responsibility, use, purpose, cycle, job function. In all of it the only one thing that is given to all is life. Living is the right for all to be healthy, hail, hearty & happy.
As we look back we see the ways of treatments have advanced in a very big way but has Health & wellness really improved..?? Look at the ways of treatment over the past 100 years. Are people more healthier & happier than before ? Are more people getting healed…or are more people getting treated ?? Or Are more patients put on maintenance or pills for the rest of life Our thinking has been tuned to accept that if you have simple diabetes or Blood pressure or Thyroid, you cannot be healed & you have to eat tablets for the rest of your lives to manage the disease… Is it true…Is there any other option to heal....??

Progress & Evolution

As time & humans progressed , the way of living has changed & also has our lifestyle has changed dramatically,
our comforts,
the way we eat,
the way we think,
the way we travel
The way we think & perceive comes in from the fact as to what we feel, assimilate, hear, read, see, what is shown to us by media & internet & we act accordingly
Today we are influenced by information seen, shown & read, in a very big way…
Healthy Prana teaches you the difference between Real & unreal..


At Healthy Prana what we expect from healing means complete freedom from all medications from or of any sort…a complete control of your own life without any conditions..!! According to us, wellness means a healthy, hail, hearty, happy Praná, with all its power & all its shakti… like when you were young & full of life. Nature has made us to be bountiful, free from any dis-ease, But in the journey of life, somewhere, somehow, someway, we lost track & are today in a state of dis-ease, we take you back there.


About Healthy Prana

H4 Prana is a Healthy, Hail, Hearty, Happy Prana workshop cum training program which imparts you the basic knowledge of the dos & don’t’s in your daily life. H4 is a training program based on NDS (New Diet System) founded by honorable Shri B V Chauhan since 35 years. H4 gives you more understanding of the human anatomy, its physiology, laws of natures, the body system & its immunity, we train you how to listen to your body & how to take care of it, this knowledge will also help you understand the symptoms of people around you & in your family & friends, understand their problems & how to take care of it. Its designed with the intention of helping you to get trained for the purpose of reversing your illness, reversing your age, getting more energetic & full of life & happiness.

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Programs are for Diabetes /Blood Pressure / Thyroid /PCOD reversal/ weight loss/ Hair fall, Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer You can inquire for others problems too


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To be healthy and fit, learn to listen to your body to live happily day after day.

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